Wiktor was born in 09.02.2007. After his birth he looked like every other baby. After two weeks we noticed a red spot on his right cheek
After very careful examination it turned out that he had very serious Vascular Birthmark on his right cheek. Every week the birthmark was getting bigger and more swollen. It was growing very fast to an appalling size. We tried to see every specialist (optometrist, surgeon, dermatologist) but everyone told us to wait until the birthmark disappeared by itself.
When Wiktor was three months his nose became infected which caused its deformation and destroying of inside part of his nose. At that time Wiktor was in Hospital in Konin. When his nose was in better state we were referred to the oncology unit in Mother and Child Institute in Warsaw. Unfortunately because of another infection (his ear this time) we had to spend next two weeks. After that time we couldn't see any improvement of Wiktor's state. The birthmark was growing faster than our son even closing his eye. We didn't know what to do. Being desperate we asked for help other people. Asking if they heard about any similar cases we finally met a girl whose mother knew about a doctor in USA specializing in such cases. His name was dr. Milion Waner and he was a specialist in extreme surgeries. Every three months, Dr. Waner comes to The Clinic of Beniamin Franklin in Berlin where he can consult and operate children with birthmarks from the whole Europe. Soon we contacted with dr. Waner's Consultant Mrs. Kasia Kozielec who advised us to contact dr. Dariusz Wyrzykowski in Gdansk. After that dr. Wyrzykowski together with dr. Waner suggested we should try a steroids treatment as soon as possible. This could stop the birthmark growth so the next step could be our trip to Berlin to see dr. Waner. Unfortunately our problems don't finish here.
Now Wiktor takes steroids which is very helpful when stopping the illness from spreading all over his face. Unfortunately it also has side effects and bad impact on child's organism.
In July this year we are going to see dr. Waner in Berlin and we really hope that Wiktor will have his first surgery. We really need your help. Wiktor's surgery might cost thousands of Euros which is decidedly exceeding our financial abilities therefore we ask for your financial support. We would be very grateful for any support we could get. Thank You in advance for showing a good heart. 27.07.2007
On 22nd of July 2007 we went to Berlin to see dr. Waner. He said he would be able to help Wiktor. His first surgery was appointed for October this year (we do not know the exact day). According to dr. Wener Wiktor's treatment will take about two years and involves many surgeries every 3-4 months. The whole treatment will cost about 60.000 Euro.

Wiktor's parents
Beata and Przemysław